Wednesday, 8 August 2012

WIP Wednesday, Yarn Along & blowing the budget!

For a long time I have mocked knitted toys.   In fact, I have commented to my friend Sarah that she has too much time on her hands if she can think about knitting toys.

It was with great shock that I then found myself head over heels in love with a toy kit a yarn shop in Amsterdam was selling.  The pattern was Joris, and I had seen it in Penelope Craft last year, and thought it was nothing special.  In fact, the pattern still is nothing special in my opinion.  However, the show model Weldraad had was knit using Aade Long.
Both my husband and I decided instantaneously that I would buy the kit, knit the toy and put it on a shelf far from little fingers who don't appreciate hours of work when they see it.

Progress after day 1 is good (3 broken up hours in the afternoon):
Now, as I said at the start of the year when I decided I was going on a yarn diet, there would be a few exceptions, and the trip to Amsterdam was one of them.

The photo coming up is the very definition of blowing the budget.  Luckily it was in foreign money so it doesn't feel like I spent a lot (plus the fact I pre-ordered most of it online before I left....)
I do have plans for most of this, so it's certainly not as bad as it seems at first glance!  It would also appear I have a bit of a thing for red and turquoise.  And white.  And grey.  Not in this photo is a skein of yellow Alpaca which was knit into a hat for my sister who will be in a back brace for 3 months after shattering 2 vertebrae 2 weeks ago.  See! Already using up the stash!!! 

I've been really struggling to find interesting books to read recently.  Interesting might be the wrong word because I have lot's of interesting books I'd love to  read, I just can't get into them.  I read the second book in the All Souls Trilogy recently which was really good.  I am about halfway through The Historian, but neither of those I absolutely must finish straight away, which is the feeling I usually get when I get into a book (it doesn't help that this is a re-reading of The Historian, so I already know the end!).  I think I need to spend an hour in the second hand book shop here and just buy a whole load of random books.

For other WIP Wednesday visit Tamis Amis.  For Yarn Alongs, head to Ginnys.


  1. I recently finished my first knit toy (Spud the Sheep). It was one of those things that when I saw it, I HAD to knit it. I don't have kids and everyone asks me, "What are you going to do with it?" Well, I'm going to enjoy it! Spud is sitting on the guest bed looking cute. And that's good enough for me!

  2. What a great yarn haul. I think the toy looks adorable, I can't wait to see yours done. XD

  3. I am also not a toy knitter, but my breaking point was the Nautie pattern fron Knitty a while back (

    I'm envious of your yarn binge - especially the limey looking Holst (bottom right)!

  4. What a cute project!
    Oh and very good choice of yarn. I'm addicted to Cascade Eco+, Madelinetosh and Holst Garn yarn. Or so you'd think if you looked at my stash *g*

  5. That's a very cute toy.

    Jealous of your yarn purchases

  6. He's so cute! I can't blame you for being unable to resist! Love the stash acquisitions. ;)

  7. Can't wait to come and play with the new additions!!!!!

  8. Your are right, it is adorable. Do you have a name for it? What is it anyway? From outer space I assume. Or a compagnion of the Simpson's? ;-)


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